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  • Superdry

    Superdry is totally different from other mass market brands in it’s concept. The British workmanship style and Japanese graphics had a big impact on Superdry brand creation in 2003. And as a result there is high quality stylish clothing with handmade prints and emphasis on details.


    Italian shoes and accessories: Baldinini, Fabi, Ballin, Norma G Baker, Aldo Brue, Dino Bigioni, Iceberg, Pollini, Tosca Blu and many others are distinguished by their high style, variety in finishes and fashion trends embodied in ideal shapes. Each of the brands of Italian footwear presented by us is unique.

  • LeHome Interiors

    LeHome Interiors - is the embodiment of good taste for furniture and interior in the style of Provence, vintage and art deco.

    LeHome Interiors - network of the salons of furniture and decor in the style of Provence, vintage and art deco. Solid wood furniture, French-style elegance fascinating lines and elegant pastel shades.

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